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Real Estate

Percée Foli is poised and skilled in the area of buying and selling properties for our esteemed customers. And also position to acquire large expanse of land in a good location for development of Houses, apartments and bungalows within a gated estate. We are skilled to provide complete real estate services.

Property Management and Real Estate

Property Management

As part of our business, we have trained professionals that offer management services in the area of tenant selection, tenancy management, administration of service charge and ensure uninterrupted rental income on your investment.

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Transportation & Fleet Management

Percée Foli has been involved in transportation by acquiring fleet of cars for the purpose of moving passengers/ goods from point A to B. We have partnered with e- hailing companies providing cars for drivers to drive on their platform. We also planning to expand the business by opening CAR SHOP for sale of Tokunbo and Brand new cars.


Percée Foli is poised to provide warehousing facility for your import and export purposes. This is to be achieved by acquiring land and develop warehouse or take a long lease and manage warehouse for customers.

General Merchant

Percée Foli is involved in the buying and selling all products and goods across the globe.

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Chain Stores

Percée Foli is position to expand the business by opening chain stores in choice neighborhood to serve the shopping need of all residents within and around that locality and to provide both local, international products and goods on display.

Growth Oriented

We provide solutions that enhance your business growth with our gap specific offerings.

Competitive Advantage

We have a great understanding of the market and business demands giving you the power to succeed.

Expert Services

We have highly committed and efficient team of professionals that are ever ready to offer support for growth.

why choose us

We give you reasons beyond doubts to work with Percée Foli & Co. Limited. Our Core values are deeply rooted in the following:

large & full listings

We offer your out-of-the box features and opportunity to invest and grow with us through a wide range of products and services.

Time Efficiency

We help you take control of your daily routine and start to use time to your own advantage. We plan out and complete task in a timely and productive manner.

Value & Result Driven

Value & result oriented approach with the aim of filling gap specific needs and maximizing the value chain for competitive advantage.

professional services

Our relentless desire for excellence,  expertise and industry best practices and services give us the edge as a business.

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Percée Foli is posed and skilled in the area of buying and selling properties for our esteemed customers. We have a great understanding of the market and business demands. We have highly committed and efficient team of professionals. Make an appointment with us today!

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